Individuals, families and communities have a significant influence on wellbeing of others. At Cohesian we work with people to enable them to identify the solutions they need to live the life they want. We recognise how stress and trauma impact behaviours, parenting, school and work. We use solution focused therapy, motivational interviewing and therapeutic techniques to promote you feeling content and connected.


Sian Erickson

I have a special interest in human behavioural development and understanding behaviours as a form of communication. I understand the environment we live in influences who we become and work to create psychologically informed families and communities. I aim to empower parents to develop with confidence to manage the stresses of day-to-day life and any traumas that have impacted who they are.

I am currently training as a hypno-psychotherapist and am able to provide therapeutic services to individuals, couples, families and organisations.

I am working on a small project to provide peer support to families who have been involved with statutory services aiming to reduce parental stress and improve outcomes for children.

I also work with agencies who support people with complex behaviours to recognise the benefits of safety planning rather than risk assessing people. I use a strengths based approach to working with people and aim to understand behaviours. I am able to navigate difficult conversations and promote connections that are healing.

I am registered with the Nursing, Midwifery Council professional body, a member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and Institute of Health Visiting. I am working towards registration with the UKCP. I have an enhanced DBS certificate.

Education and Training

As a trainer I am a passionate educator and aim to provide a conduit between theory and practice. Accredited training developed for commissioners, managers and front-line workers in the public and third sectors. Please get in touch if you are interested in booking training sessions.

Safeguarding Level 3 CPD accredited
1 day training 6.5 CPD point

Safeguarding people and promoting wellbeing using strengths based approaches. Understanding what keeps people safe. We explore modern day complexities that have an impact on individuals, families and communities. Focus on understanding what keeps people safe.

Psychologically Informed Environments (PIE)
2 days CPD 11.5 hours

PIE 2.0 is an updated version of PIE that places the importance of relationships in the newly developed themes;

Psychological Awareness, Staff Support and Training, Spaces of Opportunity, Learning and Inquiry, Rules, roles and responsiveness


Loneliness and Social Isolation
2 x half day CPD 6.5 hours

Two half-day interactive workshops on the social determinants of health – with a focus on relationship centred care & support and the importance of purpose and relationships. Attendance to both is mandatory if signing up. There is also an expectation that workbooks (handed out on the first day) are completed within and between the workshop sessions.

Why choose a Private Health Visitor?

Working as a health visitor in the public sector highlighted the need to provide holistic, cohesive practical advice and support for families. We recognise that all families are unique and we want to offer a service that meets the needs of each family, at a time that suits them.

How we parent our children is influenced by our own experience of being parented, our genes and our environment. Even our grandparents will have influenced how we parent. Understanding individual experiences helps empower parents to be confident in making decisions that is right for their unique family.

Today there are a world of new pressures faced by parents, as our knowledge of what is best for children increases so to can the guilt and shame we feel if we are not ‘doing it right’. We are bombarded with advice in books, on TV and via social media, but none of those respects the unique nature of parenting. The challenges around mental health, physical health and well-being are influenced by our early years experiences.

COHESIAN was established with the intention of collaborating with parents so that their children can reach their full potential in life. In the short term the aim is for families to live fulfilling, happy lives. In the long term children who are secure, able to form relationships and manage their own health and wellbeing will become adults who contribute positively to the economy, society and most importantly the next generation.

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